Experience the spectacular bungee jump from Maslenica bridge

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This amazing bridge is a top spot for all those searching for some extra adrenaline in their lives.

The mere thought of bungee jumping might be a bit too much to handle for those afraid of heights. However, the practice actually comes from an old ritual found in South Pacific tribes. Since the discovery of the ritual, bungee jumping spread throughout the world as a cool adrenaline adventure for thrill-seekers. It even found its way to Croatia, where you can experience an amazing bungee jump from the Maslenica bridge.

Important location

The 56 meters tall bridge is built above Novsko ždrilo, a strait between a bay called Novigrad Sea and the Velebit channel. Bridging the two sides of the strait connects Dalmatia and the northern parts of Croatia, so the bridge carries significant geographic importance.

Sometimes you’ll hear the Maslenica bridge being referred to as the “new old” bridge. Sounds confusing, but there’s actually a good reason behind the name!

Tale of two bridges

There was an older Maslenica bridge, unfortunately, destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence. It was rebuilt in 2005 (that’s the “new old” bridge), but the government decided to build an even newer one to make transit more efficient.

The newer Maslenica bridge is taller (92 m), meaning it’s also more affected by the strong Dalmatian wind called bura. The highest wind speed in Croatia was recorded there — an astonishing 288 kilometres per hour! Though it might be a record-breaker, the fact that the new bridge often gets closed due to bura makes it quite unpopular amongst drivers.

In those windy times, they turn to the older bridge, which opens for traffic whenever the new one closes, offering all travellers a safe journey. When it’s not used as a traffic alternative, it serves as a tourist attraction, especially for bungee jumping!

Try bungee jumping in Croatia

There are three locations where you can go bungee jump in Croatia: the Šibenik bridge, Zrće and the Maslenica bridge. Maslenica definitively takes the crown as the highest one, so it’s naturally the most exciting for visitors. You can take the jump an excursion trip during your stay at Camp Šimuni, where you can also easily book other adrenaline-filled adventures. In the final moment of the drop, you will float just 4 meters above the surface of the sea, before being whisked away to shore in a boat. For a bit of extra cash you can also have your jump recorded with a GoPro, for a lasting memory of your fabulous adventure!

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