Motorcycling and camping? We say: best friends! Check out some useful tips for beginners.

Have you ever thought of packing your stuff and heading out with your motorcycle for a few days to combine two great things – motorcycling and camping? Of course you have! It’s the perfect match. It’s simple, incredibly fun and much cheaper than travelling by car. It’s like the hip younger brother of traditional camping. You may have some questions, though, like where to sleep, how to pack and is there any essential gear you should consider.

If you are planning this kind of an adventure, it is probably not going to be your first ever camping. But just in case, check out our guide with the most important camping tips.

Check your bike

It goes without saying that you should check the oil, tires and any other things you may consider important before you go. You should obviously also buy motorcycle luggage if you don’t already have it, and there are three kinds: leather, textile and hard luggage. Leather is durable and classic, textile is affordable and simple, and hard luggage can be locked, but can also easily be damaged.

Decide on sleeping arrangements

If you are only going for a few days, you may be fine with just a tent or even only a hammock if the weather is nice. However, for a longer trip, you may want some extra comfort and get a motorcycle camper.

If you plan to use a motorcycle sleeping trailer, you need to take into account the weight of your bike and choose a motorcycle camping trailer which weighs up to 20% of your motorcycle’s total weight. You will also need a proper hitch to attach the trailer to your bike.

When considering motorcycle pull behind campers, there are two main types: motorcycle pop-up camper and teardrop or clamshell camper. A pop-up camper is basically a tent hybrid which is towed in the form of a cargo trailer and then set up when you reach the camping ground, while a teardrop camper is more like a small RV. This one will obviously be more expensive and have more amenities, such as power, A/C, even a tiny kitchen maybe, and a pop-up is lighter and more basic.

Be prepared to be modest

Whichever option you choose for your motorcycle camping trip, you should definitely pack light as the space is limited, so it’s good to have quality equipment which is usually more compact. This kind of camping is not the luxurious kind, so really only pack the essentials. The point is to explore and enjoy the freedom of the open road and spend as much time as you can outdoors.

Now that you know the basics, start planning and hit the road!