If you're planning your next camper holiday, you may want to consider a motorhome security system for peace of mind.

A perfect holiday can be ruined by a very unpleasant experience which is not uncommon, especially when you are boondocking – wild camping – and that is the unfortunate event of having your things or even the whole vehicle stolen. Luckily, you can avoid this by investing in an RV security system. It’s important to be safe both while travelling and when your camper is in storage at home.

Wheel clamps and steering locks

These two useful things are exactly what they sound like: they physically block movement of your parked vehicle. You should definitely use them any time your camper is left unattended. You can also use a similar device to lock the pedals of the vehicle. This way it won’t be so easy for somebody to just drive off with your RV or attach your trailer to their own vehicle.

Alarms and trackers

A caravan alarm system is another layer of protection you can add to your mobile home if it is not already included. A noisy alarm is a sure way to scare off any intruders, and it’s a good idea to also add a sticker to your window and warn potential thieves to move on. A simple and effective silent alarm is a motion sensor light that is easy to install and affordable.

Motorhome trackers are another great option to include as they can help you locate your vehicle if the thieves are professionals and it does get stolen after all.

Door locks

In order for your camper or things inside it to be stolen, somebody must first be able to get inside, so a good lock that can be used both from the inside and the outside is really useful and it keeps you calm at night while you are sleeping.

Security cameras

Finally, an RV security camera can help you identify the thief if anything should happen, and you can also monitor your dog, for example, if you’ve had to leave it inside for some reason. In addition to this, an outside camera looks mean and probably scares potential thieves away. There are all kinds of solar-powered, app-connected, theft-resistant cameras on the market, so the choice is yours.

And, of course, always remove things from sight, lock everything, close the windows – unless you left your dog inside! but don’t leave it inside anyway – and don’t spend the night or even a few hours anywhere you don’t feel safe. Use your own common sense and leave your camper at an approved parking space or camp if you have any concerns. Whether you are going only for a few days or long term camping, secure your things and steady your nerves.

Now you know how to ensure a safe and relaxed holiday, so the only thing left is to plan your next trip!