If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary vacation that combines comfort with first-hand experience of nature’s bounties, try glamping.

Want to try camping but aren’t ready to sleep on a hard floor for a week? You are an experienced camper, but don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to manage three kids and a tent on a windy day? A hotel sounds much more comfortable, but you don’t want to spend your holiday hanging out with hundreds of people you don’t know, or you just want some peace and quiet on your own terrace? You can have both.

What is glamping

What does glamping mean, you ask? The definition of glamping is, simply put, glamorous camping. This means it combines the best from both worlds. It provides the comfort and luxury of a hotel, while at the same time allowing you to escape and connect with nature. You no longer have to ditch comfy beds, heating or a real stove in order to feel the magic of the outdoors.

What is a glamper, then? Someone who chooses to work smart, not hard. If you’ve ever dragged a backpack full of camping gear, with the tent, sleeping bag and mat and all, and then chased your tent around because you didn’t feel like staking it to the ground just yet (a nice cold drink seemed like a better choice at the time), picture this: you arrive at a fully equipped, perfect little piece of paradise waiting just for you. No fighting the tent poles or regretting not having bought that inflatable mattress instead of a mat. Go ahead and have that drink right away.

Types of glamping accommodation

Glamping accommodation can differ greatly. From traditional yurts or teepees with a modern twist, charming forest huts and cottages, or even quirky treehouses, Hobbit-like domes and hippie wagons, to luxurious lodges with hot tubs and other premium features. One thing is for sure – it’s an unforgettable experience. No hotel room could match this, and there is something romantic in the simplicity of waking up in the middle of an oasis made just for you.

Glamping in Croatia

So, what is glamping like? Is it better than camping? Is it better than traditional hotels? Best to try it for yourself!

If you are wondering where to go glamping in Croatia, here at Camping Village Šimuni you can find comfortable mobile homes that offer everything your heart desires, plus unforgettable sunsets at your doorstep, pristine sea and blissful relaxation. Imagine waking up in a comfy bed, opening the door and soaking up the million-dollar view, but without the hefty price tag? A dream come true.

Remember, Croatia is known for its pristine sea, amazing food and beautiful landscapes – it has as many as eight national parks! This means that there are plenty of places to explore during your stay here, and you can experience glamping in many beautiful locations.

Croatia is waiting for you!