Camping near national parks in Croatia

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Whether you’re looking for a location for tent camping in the mountains or want to glamp by the sea, Croatia offers some great campsites. All in close proximity to national parks!

If you’ve ever been to Croatia, you know that this small Mediterranean country surprisingly has a lot of natural phenomenons, including eight national parks! The country is popular with campers, many of whom ask: “can you camp in national parks?”. Short answer: no. But, if you look up “national parks camping”, some options may occur, as there are a lot of campsites not far away from the most popular Croatian national parks.

Go through our list and find out which campsite will suit you best!

Kornati National Park

This one-of-a-kind national park is a true paradise for nature lovers. The archipelago consists of 89 islands, islets, and reefs stretching over 220 km² of water and is home to 537 plant and 850 animal species. The islands are uninhabited and perfectly preserved, which is why it is included on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list.

Where to camp: Zaton Holiday Resort

The campsite offers long sandy beaches, lush green pine forests creating the perfect shade, a modern pool complex for the youngest ones, as well as a plethora of activities for all family members. There are a lot of accommodation options, too — you can choose between apartments, mobile homes, pitches or glamping.

  • Location: 14 km to Zadar + boat ride to Kornati
  • Highlights: Glamping, sandy beaches, activities for kids

Krka National Park

The park is named after the river Krka, the park’s main attraction with lakes, waterfalls, and a tiny island Visovac in the middle. Visit this beauty and spend your day swimming under the waterfalls, exploring the breathtaking nature, and learning about Croatia’s history in the Visovac monastery.

Where to camp: Camping Kozarica

One of the most popular camps in Croatia has everything you need for a peaceful family vacation. It is located by the sea near the village of Pakoštane, a small but well-known tourist village in Dalmatia. The camp owes its popularity to a unique location — it is not only near Krka National Park, but also Plitvice Lakes, Kornati and North Velebit.

  • Location: 51 km to Krka National Park
  • Highlights: Proximity to 4 national parks, beautiful nature

Paklenica National Park

Paklenica is the largest and best-preserved forest in Dalmatia, stretching over Velebit Mountain (and even including its highest peak, Vaganski vrh). It was threatened by overexploitation, so the area was proclaimed a national park in 1949. Today, the park is home to more than 70 endemic plant species and animals like eagles, wild cats, and woodpeckers.

Where to camp: Camping Village Šimuni

Camping Village Šimuni is a charming rustic camp located on Pag, one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. The camp offers various accommodations, restaurants, beaches, and activities, perfect for a vacation with family, friends or a partner. If you’re looking up camping online, Šimuni is a great option because you can send a booking request right away.

  • Location: 75 km from Paklenica National Park
  • Highlights: Sports activities, entertainment for kids, great restaurants

Plitvice Lakes National park

Plitvice Lakes is by far the most popular national park in Croatia. No wonder, as the park offers mesmerising waterfalls and luscious nature. Many compared this UNESCO protected area to Rivendell, the magical Elvish home from the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Where to camp: Camping Korana

One of the largest camping grounds in continental Croatia is only a 3-minute ride away from Plitvice Lakes. It is named after the Korana river and situated right above the Korana River Canyon. The picturesque location accommodates 2500 people in motor homes, camper vans, and tents, and it also has 40 charming wooden bungalows.

  • Location: 2,5 km from Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Highlights: Self-service restaurant, laundry services, electric hook-ups

North Velebit National park

North Velebit is appreciated among nature lovers, hikers, bikers, and climbers for its exceptional beauty and biodiversity. Visit Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi, a group of fascinating rocky peaks, the Visibaba Botanical Reserve, home to Croatian endemic plant species, and the Velebit Botanical Garden, a monument of landscape architecture.

Where to camp: Camping Vrata Velebita

If you are a fan of camping in the mountains, you will fall in love with Camping Vrata Velebita. The small family-run campsite is situated right at the foot of the Velebit Mountain, in the tranquil Ljubotić hamlet. It is the perfect starting point for exploring North Velebit National Park, but also places like Paklenica and Zadar.

  • Location: 120 km from North Velebit National Park

Highlights: Picturesque green valley, museum of local artefacts, bee farm

The national parks of Croatia are true natural gems, so it would be a waste not to visit them just because you couldn’t find the right accommodation. Make sure to have this list close when you’ll be planning your next adventure!

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