Dalmatia has some of the best sand beaches in Croatia.

There is so much to sandy beaches than their visual appeal. You can count on a soft spot for sunbathing wherever your set your towel down, there’s no reason not to go barefoot everywhere and spend some time building sandcastles. If this sounds like your ideal beach, we’ve picked a couple of beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia.  

Sakarun, Dugi otok

This stunning sandy beach is located on the northeast side of Dugi otok. It is almost a kilometer long, and it’s suitable for children because its shore is pretty shallow – you’ll have to walk for 250 meters to reach a depth of 3,5 meters.

Stončica, Vis

Stončica beach is surrounded by lush green vegetation so it’s perfect if you like to tan in the shade. It is also great for children because the sea level is low, and grown-ups will love the beach restaurant and its delicious dishes.

Blaće, Mljet

Mljet is Croatia’s greenest island, so you can expect this beach to provide plenty of shade. Just be sure to bring your own snacks because this green oasis is untouched in every way and free from commercial development.

Pag’s sandy beaches

Fortunately for you, Pag has amazing beaches, and 6 of them are located right in Camping Village Šimuni, with the Golden beach being in the center of a beautiful sandy bay. The Golden beach and its beautiful turquoise lagoon is the center of all the main events at Camping Village Šimuni.

Here are a few more located on Pag, in the vicinity of our Camp.

Caska, Pag

This sand and pebble beach borders with the world-known Zrće beach and it has plenty of leisure activities for you to try out, as well as food courts.

Ručica, Pag

Regularly voted one of Croatia’s best sandy beaches, this place is a favorite among singles and families. Extra points for a beach bistro!

Trinćel, Pag

The winner of “The most beautiful beach on the Adriatic” is a must-see for anybody vacationing on Pag. It has a lot of kid-friendly activities, as well as sports courts for the adults.

Now that you’ve realized that finding a beautiful sandy beach in Croatia is a shore thing, go ahead and book your stay close to your favorite!

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