If you're looking for a dose of happiness, head to the beach! Read this article to learn how walking on the beach can boost your mood and mental health.

A lot of people would describe the beach as a magical place. The sand, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the smell of saltwater in the air — these are just some of the things that make a walk on a beach one of life’s greatest pleasures. In this blog post, we take a look at just what makes beaches so special and great for our well-being.

What are the benefits of walking on the beach barefoot?

We all know that feeling of going on a nice long walk on the beach and breathing in the salty sea air. If you live near a beach, then you know how perfect it is for enjoying walks, exploring rock pools and finding seashells. But did you know that there are actually many health benefits to walking on the beaches? Keep reading to find out more about the health benefits of walking on sandy beaches.

#1 Cardiovascular health

Walking on the beach is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. Just 30 minutes of walking can help lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels.

The rhythmic nature of walking helps to keep your heart rate at a healthy level, while the fresh air and scenery can help to reduce stress levels. Walking on the beach is also a great way to get some moderate exercise, which is important for maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding heart disease. While we’re on the topic of health, don’t forget to put on sunscreen before your beach walk!

#2 Balance and coordination

Walking on the beach is a great way to improve your balance and coordination. The uneven surface of the sand provides a challenging environment for your feet and legs, which helps to improve your balance and coordination. Walking on the beach also requires you to use your core muscles to maintain your balance, which can help strengthen these muscles. 

Your feet, legs, and lower body will get a thorough workout when you walk on the beach. Walking will also help stimulate your senses and keep you alert as you enjoy this natural environment.

#3 Strength and endurance

Walking on the beach is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. It can be a relaxing and peaceful experience, or a vigorous workout. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your beach walk. 

Start slowly and warm up with a few minutes of walking at a leisurely pace. Then, you can pick up the pace for a more strenuous workout. If you want to build up your endurance, try walking for longer periods of time. You can also add in some hills or sand dunes to really challenge yourself. The great thing about any kind of training on the sand is that it prevents injury due to the fact that there is less impact.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that won’t rub or chafe. And, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after your walk.

#4 Mental health

There’s something about walking on the beach that just feels good. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, or the feel of sand between your toes. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that spending time at the beach can be incredibly relaxing.

Walking on the beach can be a great way to improve your mental health. Various research has shown that spending time in nature can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. The fresh air and the sound of the waves can help to relax and clear your mind, and walking can also help to increase your energy levels and reduce stress.

Walking on the sand and breathing in fresh sea air can allow you to focus on other things. A beach stroll is also a great opportunity to spend time with friends or family members, or even enjoy some alone time with yourself. You’ll feel refreshed when you’re done, and it will be worth every step.

#5 Exfoliation and Massage

As you walk barefoot on the beach, the abrasive texture of the sand acts as a natural exfoliant, gently sloughing away dead skin cells and calluses from the soles of your feet.

Additionally, the pressure exerted by walking on uneven terrain provides a therapeutic massage for your feet, stimulating nerve endings and improving sensory perception. This massage-like effect can help alleviate tension, reduce foot pain, and enhance overall foot health.

Tips for walking on the beach barefoot

#1 Start slowly and listen to your body

If you’re new to walking barefoot on the beach or haven’t done so in a while, it’s essential to ease into it gradually. Begin with shorter walks to allow your feet to adapt to the uneven surface and build up strength gradually. Pay attention to any discomfort or pain and adjust your pace or distance accordingly. Over time, as your feet become accustomed to walking barefoot, you can gradually increase the duration and intensity of your beach walks.

#2 Practice proper foot care

Before heading out for a barefoot beach stroll, take a few moments to care for your feet. Trim your toenails to prevent ingrown nails and reduce the risk of injury. Apply sunscreen to protect your feet from sunburn, especially if you’re walking during peak hours when the sun’s rays are strongest. After your walk, rinse your feet with fresh water to remove sand and salt, then gently pat them dry to prevent irritation or chafing.

#3 Watch your step and be mindful

While walking barefoot on the beach — especially if you’re on the idyllic island of Pag — can be a serene and therapeutic experience, it’s essential to remain aware of your surroundings and watch your step. Keep an eye out for potential hazards such as sharp objects, rocks, or jellyfish washed up on the shore.

Take your time and walk mindfully, paying attention to the shifting sands beneath your feet and adjusting your gait as needed to maintain balance and stability. By staying present and mindful, you can fully appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the beach while ensuring a safe and enjoyable walking experience.

Why does the beach make us happier?

We all know the feeling of happiness that comes from a day spent at the beach. But have you ever stopped to wonder why that is?

Scientists believe that there are several reasons why being by the ocean makes us happier. One reason is that it gives us a sense of awe. When we see something like the vastness of the ocean or the beauty of a sunset, it can make us feel small and insignificant in comparison. This can be a good thing, as it can help us put our own problems into perspective.

The beach is often a place of serenity and relaxation. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot here, or dealing with crowds and traffic. The sea will be there for you no matter how much time passes. It is a constant that doesn’t change and this can help to reduce anxiety by providing you with a sense of security.

Another reason why the beach makes us happy is because it is a great place to exercise. Walking on the beach is a great way to get some fresh air and get your heart rate up. Exercise has been shown to release endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.

Every barefoot journey starts with a step

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