Find out how to make your children fall in love with the idea of the great outdoors: choose the right camping books for them to read and enjoy their newfound excitement for camping.

Camping with children can be a lot of fun, but making them fall in love with the idea can be a bit of an intimidating task. It’s often the case that you first need to make your little ones aware of how awesome camping is. This means you have a big task before you — making them yearn for nature exploring. One of the ways to make camping more desirable and enjoyable for kids is by giving them camping-themed books beforehand or bringing books on your trip. For kids to fall in love with this idea, you should slowly introduce them to splendid visual and textual content that will make them impatient to get going. 

There are many options to choose from regarding camping books for kids, so our list will recommend you the very best from genres like classic adventure stories, education guides, picture books, and story collections. 

Regarding location recommendations, we have just the perfect spot for your family to explore and enjoy everything the beautiful Adriatic has to offer. But first, find out more about the cultural and natural beauty of the Croatian coast and Pag island, and get ready before your family camping time. 

Benefits of reading camping books for kids

Reading can be a very fun activity for kids, and it is definitely a great way to prepare them for camping. Books about camping, or topics related to it, can also help children learn about the outdoors and the wildlife they might encounter. They can learn valuable skills, like how to set up a tent, start a fire, and cook over an open flame.

Furthermore, reading is a great way to pass the time while camping, especially when the weather is terrible. It can also be a fun bonding activity for parents and children, as they can read together and discuss the stories they are reading.

family reading camping book for kids in cosy bed in trailer mobile home

Best camping books for kids

When choosing the best camping books for kids, there are several types to consider. These mainly include classic adventure stories, educational guides, picture books, and story collections. Here are some examples of each for you to choose from:

Classic adventure stories

Classic stories are great for children who love excitement and adventure. They often feature brave protagonists who overcome challenges and fear. One great example is “The Call of the Wild,” about a dog named Buck who is taken from his comfortable life in California and forced to survive in the harsh wilderness of Alaska. This kind of book can teach your kids valuable life lessons through beautiful old-school storytelling.

Educational guides

Educational guides are a great way to teach children about the outdoors. They often contain valuable information about different plants, animals, and ecosystems. If you are looking for an informational book about camping that is practical and efficient, education guides are definitely something you should consider. “The Camping Handbook: A Guide to Camping for Kids, Parents, and Teachers” by Margaret Gisler is an excellent example of an educational guide. It covers everything from setting up a tent to building a campfire and cooking over an open flame. If you’re looking for books about camping for kindergarten, this may be too advanced, but it all depends on the child!

Picture books

Visual education is the easiest and most practical type of learning for the little ones — no question about it. Picture books can be perfect camping books for preschool. They often feature colorful illustrations and simple text. One great example is “Curious George Goes Camping” by H.A. Rey. This book is about everyone’s favorite mischievous monkey, Curious George, and his adventures in the great outdoors. What can be a funnier and more interesting hero for kids than a curious monkey?

Story collections

Charming story collections are a great way to keep children entertained. They often feature various short stories and are perfect for some reading before bedtime. “Charlie & Mouse Outdoors” by Laurel Snyder is an excellent example of a good story collection book about camping. Three short stories of bravery and adventure about Charlie’s family camping trip explore fun camping activities, nature, and family.

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Tips for choosing the right camping books for your kids

Here are some tips to help you choose the right ones:

  • Age Appropriateness: Consider your kids’ age and choose books suitable for their reading level and comprehension. You don’t want to select, for example, camping books for preschoolers that are too complex or require reading.
  • Interest: Choose books that align with your kids’ interests. If your child loves adventure stories, then pick books that have adventure elements in them. If they enjoy books with animals, look for books that have animals as characters.
  • Genre: Yup, genres are a thing even for camping books: fiction, non-fiction, and educational. If you want educational books about camping for kids, choose non-fiction. Do you want to encourage their imagination? Choose fictional stories.
  • Reviews: Make sure you read reviews from other parents or educators who have read the books you are considering. They may provide beneficial, or even crucial insights on whether the book is a good fit for your kids.
  • Visuals: For younger kids (especially camping books for toddlers) choose books with colorful illustrations and engaging visuals to keep them interested.
  • Series: Consider choosing books that are part of a series. This can help your kids develop a love for reading and create a sense of anticipation for the next book in the series. This is a great way to make reading a habit.
  • Interactive: Choose books with interactive features like puzzles, games, and maps. This can make reading more engaging, and there is a bigger chance they will find it so interesting that it makes them eager to get back to books and the camping. 

Camping with children can be fun, especially when you have the right books to read. Whether you are looking for classic adventure stories, educational stuff, or simpler picture books, there is a camping book for children of all ages and interests. So why not plan your next camping trip to Camp Šimuni in Croatia and bring along some great material to read with your kids? You can explore the Camp Šimuni offers and get in touch via our contact page to start planning your family vacation today.

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