Visiting Pag also means you can enjoy the splendid nature and historical beauties located near the island.

Pag is truly an island worth exploring. Local cuisine, natural wonders, old traditions and, last but not least, gorgeous beaches make Pag a place where one can easily spend an entire holiday. However, the island has another advantage — its location gives you a chance for island hopping and visiting other amazing sights on the coastline.


Krka National Park is named after the powerful river whose waters carve captivating waterfalls in the karst terrain of Dalmatia. There are 7 huge waterfalls (or rather, sets of waterfalls), the most famous one being Skradinski buk. It will take you an hour and a half to get there by car, or you can take a day trip from Pag to Krka offered by camp Šimuni.


Rab is another island gem on the magnificent Adriatic coast. You can take the catamaran (fast ferry) from Novalja, Pag and reach the beaches of Rab in just 40 minutes. There you can find one of the many charming coastal towns in Croatia, known for its eclectic architecture and medieval festival called Rapska fjera. If you’re staying at camp Šimuni, you can take a tour of Pag’s neighbouring islands that gets you to Rab in a 20-minute boat ride and also includes Lošinj, Silba and Olib.


Want to go back in time? Take a walk through the magical streets of Zadar! This Dalmatian town is known for its churches, palaces, city walls, magnificent monuments and a historical core that dates back to the Roman era and occupies the entire city centre. If you’re vacationing on Pag, there are buses that will get you to Zadar in an hour and a half, or you can book an excursion from Camping Village Šimuni to Zadar.

Kornati islands

The Kornati National Park is a magnificent archipelago loved by recreational sailors and nature-buffs because of its amazing 89 islands, islets and reefs. The easiest, hassle-free way to go on a Kornati islands day trip from the island of Pag is to book an excursion at camp Šimuni.

Plitvice lakes

Arguably Croatia’s most popular national park truly lives up to all the hype surrounding it. The 16 emerald lakes with waterfalls that hide in the rich forest make for an enchanting ambience worthy of a fantasy novel. If you want to go on a day trip from Pag to Plitvice, you can take a bus and first go to Zadar, then to the lakes, which will take you approximately 3 hours, or you can book one of the excursions from camp Šimuni.

Now that you know all the wonderful options for a day trip from Pag, all that is left to do is plan your trip to the island!

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