Ever thought about upgrading your camping experience? Read on to find more about camping's fancy brother – glamping.

If your first thought after reading the title was what’s glamping? – the answer is simple: glamping means glamorous camping. And when we say glamorous, we mean glamorous. It’s more than just having a huge tent, like a tepee or a yurt.

Glamping involves all the luxuries of the modern world, which camping usually lacks. This means you can enjoy a carefree vacation, you don’t need to pack anything extra and you definitely don’t need to worry about getting wet or catching a cold because your tent was leaking. And if you can’t afford luxury hotels, you can probably afford glamping. What is it about camping that’s so attractive, anyway? Many people will agree that the main advantage of camping is getting to enjoy nature first-hand. Most urban people have become isolated from the simple pleasures of nature like waking up to the sound of birds singing or falling asleep with the soothing trickling of a stream. But we have also become a little spoiled when it comes to sacrificing comfort. That’s where glamping kicks in.

By definition, glamping is a form of camping. However, it doesn’t have to involve a tent at all. You can sleep in a treehouse, in a wooden cabin or even a creative, custom lodging like an old van or a hobbit house.

So what are the main characteristics of glamping?

  • everything is set up for you
  • real bed with linen
  • electricity
  • heating / air conditioning
  • lots of space
  • bathroom
  • kitchenette

Why choose glamping?

Glamping is a great choice for an affordable family vacation – the kids are going to love spending time in an unconventional setting, exploring and playing all day, but also having a comfy bed when it’s time to sleep, and not having to go in the woods to do their business.

It’s also fun for a group of friends who want to spend a few days in a tiny village of their own, not having to worry about equipment and weather.

And, of course, couples may prefer charming hidden cottages to squeezing in a smelly sleeping bag.

While all this may sound appealing, die-hard campers usually have rather negative opinions on glamping. After all, if you have heating, air conditioning, a real bed, kitchen, bathroom and sometimes even more than one room for sleeping, than it’s not really camping anymore, is it? You are basically staying at a small, fully functional home, but in beautiful nature.

Luckily, there are many options available for all tastes. Conventional, experienced campers usually find all the camping-related shortcomings charming and look at them as a way of connecting with nature and disconnecting from the comfort-oriented urban life, while some people just can’t get a good night’s sleep on the floor or just want to relax after all the stress at work. And both sides have a point.

Where to go glamping?

The best part about glamping is that it is usually close to a “regular” camping area so both comfort lovers and adventure seekers can get together and enjoy spending time in the outdoors, each on their own terms.

Croatia is definitely a country worth exploring this way, as the natural beauties it boasts simply cannot be enjoyed from a hotel room. With eight national parks, mountains, rivers and the beautiful sea, there are so many magical places to visit.

And if you are looking to explore the islands, Pag has so many to offer and Camping Village Šimuni has all your accommodation needs covered.

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