Buzara: Croatian Method of Cooking Seafood

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The simple seafood dish is a true testament of the nation’s love for the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the life hidden beneath its surface.

Known as a supreme destination for foodies, Croatia has long ago cemented its status as a gourmet country, where the passion for food is outweighed only by that of football!

Standing out among the many characteristics that made Croatian cuisine so famous is the surprising contrast between the rich food of the continent and the lighter diet of the coast. The Mediterranean cuisine of the seaside is packed with delicious, yet healthy flavours of olive oil, seafood, garlic and sweet local wine. All these ingredients are essential for preparing one of the most authentic Croatian dishes of the coast, called buzara.

Buzara Recipe

The main star of buzara is definitely seafood. Usually made with scampi or mussels from the Adriatic Sea, it can also contain a variety of other shellfish, such as prawns, lobster or limpets. You can even add fish — the guiding principle of making buzara is making sure that the ingredients evoke the aroma of the sea, so as long as you follow it, your buzara will be amazing.

However, if you wish to make an authentic scampi buzara, you will need: 1 kilo of scampi, 100 ml of olive oil, 2 onions, 2-3 garlic cloves, one bunch of parsley, 200 ml of white wine and some salt and pepper.

Heat the pot with the olive oil, then add the chopped onions, garlic and parsley. When the garlic gets slightly golden, add the (previously washed) scampi, then white wine. Season it and cook for 15-20 minutes, just enough to let the flavours mix and subtly blend together.

Red or White?

There are two common varieties of buzara: “na bijelo” or “na crveno”, alluding to the white or red color of the buzara sauce. If you follow the aforementioned recipe, you will get the white version of buzara. To make the red one, simply add some tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes and maybe opt for red wine instead of white. The buzara-style of cooking simply means using olive oil, garlic, parsley and wine to make a sauce that doesn’t overpower the seafood, so playing with the recipe is more than welcome!

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