Find out how extreme camping can be — tips for the ultimate adventure

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Camping can be much more extreme than going to the woods or the beach. Camping in harsh conditions is not recommended for everyone, but read about it and decide for yourself!

Adrenaline and challenges have always driven people to do crazy things. One example of that is extreme camping, which is truly remarkable but recommended only to professionals. We bring you some of the most extreme camping locations globally, but also one magnificent place in Croatia!

Mount Everest, Himalaya

Even if you’re not into camping, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this place. With its 8848 meters, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, and that is why, for many years, it has attracted many mountaineers. But despite this, it is a very dangerous and extreme place that requires excellent preparation. Due to the enormous altitude, hikers have to climb slowly to adjust to the pressure and lack of oxygen on the higher peaks. Despite the harsh conditions, the view from the highest peak in the world looks heavenly!

Pedra Riscada, Brazil

This is a place that attracts an increasing number of fans of extreme camping. As one of the giant rock monoliths in South America, it offers great challenges to professional climbers as well. The main attraction of camping at this location is setting up a tent at such a height while suspended on the side of the cliff. Such ventures require special camping gear and, of course, extreme skills!


Some people prefer the cold, snow and winter camping. One thing is for sure — there is no better place in the world for such camping than Antarctica! While some like to spend their extreme camping in colder parts of the world in a tent, some choose to sleep in ice caves. For this type of camping, you need to be equipped with quality camping gear and deep knowledge of the area you are going to.

Velebit, Croatia

However, to try your hand at extreme camping, you don’t have to go to the Himalayas or visit distant Brazil. Croatia is a country that also offers a location for all fans of extreme camping, and it is the mountain range Velebit. This nature park has beautiful areas and many animal and plant species. Still, the most beautiful thing it provides is the view from its top. Although tourists often visit Velebit without equipment and knowledge of the mountain, it is not recommended! Velebit is magical, but it can also be quite dangerous. Explore everything about it, prepare all the equipment, and only then go on an adventure through this mountain range.

Extreme camping is an interesting and exciting way to connect with nature and its beauties through many locations worldwide. Still, you must not forget that extreme camping is provided for professionals who know the terrain, have the right equipment and have the skills to survive in extreme conditions. If you’ve been excited to read about extreme camping but still find it too much of a challenge, don’t worry — you can always gather friends or family and enjoy a simple, easy and much more comfortable camping trip next weekend!